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Fancy Leather Pauldron/Shoulder Armor

Fancy Leather Pauldron/Shoulder Armor

-High quality real leather articulated shoulder armor with neck guard.
-These are a great item as a set or as a single. Sold individually so you can choose what you are going for. We also have people that like doing the fancy on one shoulder and the plain version on the other.
-This fancy style has a metal plate on both sides and then various metal decorations.(the decorations may vary depending of what is available, if you are particular you can ask for photos of what is currently available.)
-Size: this is our standard size it fits most everyone but and we make all our straps pretty long and adjustable, but if you are worried about sizing send us a message and we can always make straps to fit. Also, if you are large or broad you may be interested in our large pauldron. It is a bigger shoulder piece that may look better proportionally for a larger body type.
-Chest straps are adjustable and buckles on both sides so it can be worn on either shoulder.
-Standard colors are light brown w/antique, dark brown w/antique, black w/antique, and black w/silver.
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