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Black w/antique 12 panel hard leather corset

Black w/antique 12 panel hard leather corset

~ This is a wonderful high quality corset. Hand made from thick quality leather that overlaps and rivets where traditional boning would go. So, it acts just as a steal boned corset.

~ Riveted panels with working front clasps and cross ties in back

~ Can be made in other sizes upon request

~ Our standard colors are drk brown w/antique brass, black w/antique brass, black w/silver (other colors can be made upon request.)

* I try to keep all sizes in stock, however since I also sell at in person shows I may not always have the one you want ready to ship. Please message me first if you need it for a specific date.

~ to get your corset size measure your waist(not your hips) in inches and subtract 3 or 4 inches.

Corset Sizing:
Natural Waist ~ Corset Size
23-24 inches size 20
25-26 inches size 22
27-28 inches size 24
29-30 inches size 26
31-32 inches size 28
33-34 inches size 30
35-36 inches size 32
37-38 inches size 34
39-40 inches size 36
41-46 inches size 38

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